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21 beautiful sights, sounds, smells, and sensations that make football special

When football season finally arrives, after an off season that seems to drag on forever, there are certain moments that give both coaches, as well as current, and former players chills, and an almost overwhelming feeling of nostalgia.

As football season starts, we're all reminded of certain moments, smells, sensations, and sounds that are specific to football that you can't get anywhere else or in any other sport. Simply put, they're special.

It's those moments (like the fullback trap busting for a big gain, or a linebacker taking on an iso block in the hole perfectly) that we all daydream about and reflect on, and when they happen during the fall, they get us amped and remind us of all the reasons we love the game so much.

Geared towards both players, and coaches, here are the most beautiful sights, sounds, smells, and sensations that serve as a constant reminder year after year about what makes football special.

Let's start with the visuals and go from there.


1 - Big momentum plays in the kick and punt return game

2 - When that inside zone play cuts back for a huge gain

3 - Seeing an old school fullback trap hit for big yards like this first play

4 - A pick 6

5 - Fat guy touchdowns

6 - Great blocking from willing wide receivers, like this Ohio State drill

7 - A linebacker coming up and taking on a lead blocker in the hole perfectly

8 - A quarterback sack where the QB never sees the defender coming

9 - Those plays you don't draw up, but happen when great players make great plays (like these two)

10 - The perfectly executed back shoulder throw


11 - The crack of the pads

12 - The "Click-Clack" sound of cleats on pavement (which also happened to be the inspiration behind an early Under Armour commercial, featuring the Head Ball Coach)


13 - The smell of fresh cut grass at the stadium, or practice field

14 - The smell of fresh popcorn and meat on the grill at the concession stand on game day

15 - The smell of your favorite game day food and beverage that you enjoy in your living room, or at tailgates on Saturdays and/or Sundays


16 - The tingle of that cool fall air

17 - Strapping on that helmet for the first time

18 - Finally grabbing that jersey number you've been thinking all off season about

19 - Going to bed the night before kickoff with your adrenaline already pumping furiously

20- That feeling you get when you take the field on game day to a super loud home crowd, and the team intro music blaring

21 - Experiencing, and appreciating, some of the best minds in high school, college, and NFL in modern football - including sure future Hall of Fame coaches - do work on the sideline

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