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When asked about other jobs, Utah State's Matt Wells gave the perfect answer

Matt Wells

Matt Wells is 18-9 in two seasons as the head coach at Utah State. When you go 18-9 at Utah State, people take notice.

Coaching at a place that had played in two bowl games in the previous half-century, Gary Andersen parlayed an 18-8 stretch as Utah State's head coach into the Wisconsin job, and Wells could very well do something similar.

At age 41, Wells has led the Aggies to consecutive bowl games. And as long as he does that, his name will be mentioned for other jobs. When asked about his rumored candidacy for this job or that, Wells gave a lengthy, but darn near perfect, answer. He didn't make unrealistic promises. He didn't pledge to stay at Utah State until he retires, but he also managed to reaffirm his love for Utah State and his commitment to the program he runs.

If you're a head coach and get asked about your rumored candidacy for jobs that aren't yours, just memorize this answer and change the relevant details to fit your situation.