Scholarship reveal videos are always, always great. The coach(es) involved always look like they’re in on a practical joke, only it’s the exact opposite.

The latest “victim” is N.C. State defensive back Nick Lacy, who was showered with three minutes of praise from Wolfpack corners coach George Barlow before being mobbed by teammates in what has to be one of the best, most rewarding moments of his life.

“He brings a great work ethic to this team. When he comes to practice, there’s nobody in this room that outworks this dude right here. Nobody. And I’ll put money on that. Nobody outworks this dude. The other thing Nick Lacy does is he makes a big-time sacrifice to be a student-athlete here at N.C. State, and the reason I say that is because he does it with his own money.

“But you know what? He ain’t gotta do it with his own money anymore.”

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