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3 weeks into high school football season COVID cases continuing to drop

While the first big weekend of college games is upon us, high school football in some states has been rolling for a few weeks. On August 14th, Utah brought us the first high school football game of this very different fall 2020 season. 

The concern many had was that the return of the game itself, and the crowds that accompany, would lead to a dramatic rise in the number of Covid cases.

Fortunately, nearly three weeks later, we are not seeing any evidence of that. In fact, the number of new daily cases in Utah has continued to decline significantly over the past six weeks.

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Of course the return to high school football in Utah required some adjustments; capacity maxed at 25%, spectators donning masks and seated apart, and some high schools even opted for electronic tickets to be scanned upon entering the stadium.

Schools in Utah are taking proper precautions even cancelling games when deemed necessary. Last week, Provo High School officials cancelled their game against Timpview High School when a number of Provo athletes and coaches were determined to have been exposed to COVID19. 

Later when Timpview High School played American Fork High School, American Fork Athletic Director Jeremy Lewis momentarily paused the game to remind the crowd that COVID19 precautions needed to be followed when he noticed some spectators removing masks and leaving assigned seats.

Utah high school football is showing the country that playing during a pandemic requires patience, flexibility and proper precautions; but they are also showing us that football can be played safely both for the participants and for the local communities. 

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