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"30 years from now I hope the legacy I've left is, 'Coach never lied to us, even when it hurt'"

Season 2 of GridironsTV begins with a close-up look of South Florida high school head coach Chris Merritt. Season 1 of GridironsTV takes a deep dive into a number of high school coaches across America, and this season promises to be more of the same.

A native Indianan by way of Pennsylvania, Merritt leads the Columbus High School Explorers (A-plus nickname, by the way) in Miami, and he does so the right way. "Thirty years from now I would hope the legacy that I've left here or anywhere that I've coached: 'Number one, Coach was always honest. He didn't lie to us, even when it hurt.' That I taught the game, I just didn't coach the game.

We talk about the word love quite a bit here," he continues. "We kind of masculinize the turn because at the end of the day it's sacrifice. We sacrifice a lot of time away from our families, we sacrifice a lot of time away from our friends. We could be doing other things but you're giving yourself for a greater cause. It's the process that counts, not necessarily the result. You perfect the process.

"Winning is going to happen," Merritt concludes. "How you get there is the reason why."