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On their own 31, Cal dials up the strangest fake punt of 2014

Down 28-2 with over seven minutes in the first half remaining, Cal attempted to swing the momentum in their direction with a fake punt call on their own 41 yard line.

Everything looked normal, until the snap got to the punter's hands, then things started to get weird.

First the punter takes two marching steps in place with the ball out in front of him like he's going to actually kick it (not selling it at all), and then flicks the ball like a dart for what looks like a screen pass attempt, but the throw lands at the intended receiver's feet.

I'm sure this isn't how it looked when Sonny Dykes and his staff drew it up on the white board.

Even without the momentum of this fake punt, Cal mounted a respectable comeback before eventually losing 30-38 to the Trojans.

(H/T CJZero on Vine)