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Down 35 with 10 minutes left, high school program mounts crazy comeback without help from onside kicks

On Friday nights during the fall, a few high school programs mount incredible comebacks to win games that are almost unbelievable when you start to unravel the story. A few weeks back a coach shared the message they told their kids while down 42-0 before they mounted a comeback.

The latest one of those comebacks involves Enid HS (OK), who was down to Putnam City West HS (OK) 42-7 last Friday night with just over 10 minutes left in the game. Knowing that a comeback took place, you'd think that Enid recovered a few onside kicks to help mount that comeback, but the astonishing thing is they went 0-for-4 in recovering their onside kick attempts, according to OK Preps.

So using a total of 31 4th quarter offensive snaps, without any help from onside kicks, and while converting three fourth downs, Enid capitalized on three Putnam City West fumbles to tie the game at 42 with just under 2-minutes left in the game. Putnam City drove inside the Enid 10 with a chance to kick a field goal for the win, but they missed the 30-yard attempt as time expired.

So onto overtime the two teams went.

Both teams missed field goals in the first OT, and Enid scored on their possession of the second OT, and then kept Putnam City West out of the end zone to seal the miraculous comeback.

Credit the coaching staff and kids for fighting through adversity a number of times, especially in that fourth quarter and the overtime periods, to keep plugging away and executing the plan to get the win. Incredible story.

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