3rd & 4, we're down by 6 - Do you trust the man next to you to make the play?

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Deion Sanders recently spoke to the 'Noles and, as usual, he did not disappoint.

In the three minute video below, Prime Time drops some quality advice on the team:

"Expectations mean you can't waste a moment, not a minute, not a second of your time."

"Some of you want to be great; but some of you want to be the best ever."

"What do you expect from yourself? 3rd & 4, we're down by 6...We need it. Do you really believe? Do you really believe in him [the man next to you] because what he did in the offseason, what his preparation is?"

"Next time you meet someone who has already done it...why don't you ask him a question rather than sizing him up, looking him up and down, ask him a question about where he's trying to go because I promise you he already been."

If you're short on time, jump to 1:20 and listen to Prime explain what he expects...based on what he put in. To be great, you have to prepare like the best.