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4 questions to ask each staff member and players when taking over a program, according to Neal Brown

Taking over a major college football program can be a daunting task. Most newly named head coaches are faced with the overwhelming task of overhauling the culture and getting everyone accustomed to a new, and often very different, way of doing things.

Coming in to a new and exciting situation, coaches have to walk a delicate line of understanding what to change, and what type of stuff should stay.

As Neal Brown stepped into the West Virginia job, he did what a lot of other coaches choose to do by meeting with each individual player and staff member, according to Sports Illustrated. However, it was the measured four question approach Brown took that really caught my eye.

The four questions Brown asked everyone in the program to get a feel for where things stand from those already in the program he's taking over:

  • What do we need to sustain?
  • What do we need to do to improve?
  • What's the number one issue?
  • If you were named head coach tomorrow, what would you do?

"To me, people make mistakes going in making chances. Really this summer, we're going through and putting the foundation in," Brown explained, sharing that the foundation includes five "environmental factors" in fun, positive energy, a family atmosphere, competition, and continuous improvement.

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