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"There are 437,514 possible defensive alignments that the offensive line must deal with"

The NFL Draft evaluation process always seem to be full of questions and other things that seem really trivial to most, but somehow front office personnel find a way to make them matter and put a lot of stock into how they're answered. During practice and away from the field, coaches, especially those that have been around the game for a while, can come up with their own creative evaluations.

I happened to notice a recent example of that in a tweet from Bobby Belt where he noticed that a few lines in a book titled Perform written by former longtime Bengals offensive line coach Paul Alexander, who is now with the Dallas Cowboys as assistant head coach.

Alexander's unique evaluation for NFL offensive lineman, which was being a shared a ton over the weekend, involves a simple ketchup bottle.

Here's the excerpt from

Cowboys OL coach Paul Alexander wrote in his book "Perform" about how he can rule out certain offensive lineman playing for him by the way they dispense ketchup from a bottle.

— Bobby Belt (@BobbyBeltTX) May 17, 2018

" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Belt's tweet.


While that nugget is outstanding, it's Belt's next screen shot from Alexander's book less people are drawing attention to that really spoke to me, and it's all about the unique bond about being an offensive lineman and their coach.


437,514 is an incredible number of alignments, and I've never seen that quantified in number form anywhere before Belt's tweet.

Offensive line coaches and offensive coordinators are going to really appreciate that number.