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The 49ers take you through a day in the life of Jim Harbaugh


If you've ever sat and wondered what it would be like to shadow an NFL head coach for a day, San Francisco senior manager of social media Scott Kegley has you covered in a recent piece on Jim Harbaugh.

Kegley follows Harbaugh from the time sun comes up when he takes out the trash, to dinner consisting of a hot dog and pop from a vendor.

Most of the piece focuses on his life outside of the office, with his family and young children, but there is one brief note on his time at the facility, with the most interesting part being his interaction with his players during lunch.

"While at lunch, Harbaugh often makes it a point to sit with various players each day. He’s genuinely engaged, often laughing, and one can assume the conversations are rarely about the game. He tries to get to know his players on a personal level. This day was no different, as he mingled with some of the players." Kegley points out in the article.

The full piece is something you really have to read in its entirety to appreciate. It's rare to get this kind of access.

Read all of it here.