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The 5 criteria that Urban Meyer judges a high school quarterback on, and why none are "arm talent"

Over the next several weeks leading up to the NFL Draft, "arm talent" is a phrase that you're going to hear quite often.

Arm talent can mean arm strength, accuracy, the mechanics of the delivery, as well as a host of other things, and while it may be really important to NFL scouts and draft analysts and experts, Urban Meyer shared in a recent press conference that it isn't even in the top five things he has looked for in a high school quarterback.

Asked just how important arm talent is when looking at high school quarterbacks and their fit in Urban Meyer's offensive system, Urban shared the following:

"We've always looked at that, but ithat's not in the top five criteria that we evaluate a quarterback on," Meyer starts by saying.

Then Urban shares a nugget about his history of quarterbacks he's recruited at Ohio State and beyond.

"We've had plenty of quarterbacks around here, well not around here, but in our history that maybe didn't have the strongest arm, but they were a better player. It's about competitivenss, toughness, leadership, football IQ, and extending the play are the things we look for."

"Arm strength is nice, but it's not in the top five."

Think back to the quarterbacks Urban has had, and their biggest knocks coming out of college - Tim Tebow, Braxton Miller, JT Barrett, Cardale Jones, etc. All of them were exceptional athletes, but none really had NFL caliber "arm talent," at least according to the experts.

Hear Urban's full comment in the clip.