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5 Things Athletic Trainers wish coaches knew

Athletic trainers handle everything from a slight sprain to the extremely serious injuries. They keep players safe and healthy during season and rehabilitate injured athletes out of season.

While coaching staffs appreciate the hard work that their trainers do, here are some things they wish coaches knew:

  • We do a lot of work behind the scenes that coaches and players don’t necessarily see Most of our job is behind the scenes. We spend time working on athlete recovery, rehab, taping and wrapping before they even hit the field. We also document every interaction which means a lot of paperwork and administrative duties. 
  • We put in a ton of hours Especially for small colleges and high schools that have a limited athletic training staff and/or when we are responsible for other sports as well as football. 
  • We’re on the same team.  We hate holding out any player but especially a key player before a big game, almost as much as you hate when we do that. Our goal is always to make sure our athletes make a full and quick recovery so they can get back to playing. 
  • We often have a lot to do with a players ability to turn their attitude around Even if it's just a word of encouragement before a game or talking through an off-field problem with them while they receive treatment. 
  • Communication  Just like many things in life and sports, communication is key for us. We can’t be at practices, scrimmages, schedule changes etc that we don’t know about. We can’t facilitate healing if we don’t know about an injury. 


  • Ice is not magic 

Thank you to all of our athletic trainers for everything you do.

A big FootballScoop thank you Lauren Coccia (Hocking College) and Kaitlyn Lamphere (Grand Haven HS - MI) for your input.