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5 examples of NFL coaches brilliantly taking full advantage of the rulebook

In a playoff game last fall, down 11-0 and backed up really deep in our own territory, we made the decision to take a safety and keep it a two-score game instead of risking a bad snap or block that could have resulted in a touchdown for the other team and digging ourselves into three-score hole. That decision ended up being critical as we clawed our way back into the game and forced overtime knotted up at 13-13 before eventually seeing our season come to an end.

That example is probably the most common of the unconventional situations that we, as football coaches, find ourselves reviewing and walking through during the pregame routine the day before a game.

But, in our great game of football there are countless other situations that only those that understand the rulebook up and down, and forward and backwards take full advantage of. Afterwards, coaches that do intimately understand the rulebook often end up looking absolutely brilliant - at least in the eyes of fellow coaches who understand what is going on.

That brings me to this recent thread from Warren Sharp, where he points out some of these types of brilliant coaching decision from NFL minds like John Harbaugh, Chip Kelly, Bill Belichick, and Mike Vrabel.

Certainly, there are others in college and professional football that deserve to be highlighted. Send videos of them to or via DM @CoachSamz

">July 13, 2020

">July 13, 2020

Then there's theses purposely deceptive plays that have a tendency to get under the skin of the coach on the other sidleine.

">July 13, 2020