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6 things that lead to failure every time, according to Clemson's defensive playbook

Twitter, and social media in general, is a great resource for everyone, full of every type of imaginable content, from schemes to insight, right at your fingertips.

That brings me to this tweet I came across last night - a shot from a page that apparently comes right out of Clemson's defensive playbook. The page points out to defensive players "WHAT LEADS TO FAILURE - EVERYTIME."

The list includes some things many would consider obvious, like jealousy, or a know it all mentality, as well as other things outside influences, the choice of picking the team or picking yourself off the field, over-sensitivity, and immaturity, along with a quick explanation of each.

That's a pretty comprehensive list, and it doesn't take much imagination as a coach to see how each of those does in fact lead to failure, every single time.

Playbooks are something that less and less programs seem to use, but it's clear that Clemson feels that a list like this is important enough to give players something tangible that they can look at, study, and reflect on at various points.

If the defending national champs feel like educating their players on stuff like this is important enough to put in their playbook along with the schemes they expect players to know inside and out, that should say speak volumes about what they believe in and value, and a peek behind the curtain of part of why they've been so successful.