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Over 60 Texas high schools in the Dallas / Fort Worth area have indoor practice facilities


Indoor practice facilities are a perk (quickly becoming a necessity) that every program in the country wants, but not every program - even at the FBS level - has.

Back in August of 2015, Georgia announced plans to add one, and earlier this week they hit their fundraising goal for it. In November of last year, Texas Tech announced plans for an indoor, and Florida State just added one. South Carolina is another SEC program that recently put the finishing touches on theirs. My point is, these aren't average FBS programs we're talking about, these are top tier programs raking in millions and millions of dollars annually for their university.

For a lot of programs, money isn't the issue...finding space for it where it works logistically for the football program can be. Florida and Miami are two other programs that have missed out on a number of practices due to inclement weather, and neither currently have an indoor in place, though plans for one at Florida are in the works, and Miami athletic director Blake James has stated that an indoor facility is a "top priority" in Coral Gables.

Which brings me to this tweet that came to my attention last night. According to Corbett Smith of the Dallas Morning News, there are over 60 high school programs in the Dallas / Fort Worth area that have indoor practice facilities. Here's a look at those programs.

Not included in that list is Barbers Hill HS (TX), located just outside of Houston, who just released this interactive view of their new indoor facility a few days ago.

Check out this 360 view of the new Lloyd Kelley Multipurpose Facility @BHISD @coachwesterberg #BHISD360 #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Well over 60 Texas high schools in one greater metropolitan area that have indoor facilities at their disposal before SEC programs, a Big 12 program within state borders, and a program that has brought home a national title in the last few seasons.

Just the other day Frisco ISD signed a $1.74 million contract with Nike.

Let all of that sink in for a bit. The facilities arms race has clearly reached the high school level in Texas.