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"75% of the issues we have were because the athlete was wearing the wrong shoe."

Over the weekend I wrote that no program in America dots it's i's (no pun intended) and crosses its t's like Ohio State. Urban Meyer's program runs the tightest of ships -- not in terms of a militaristic buttoned-up attitude, but in how not a single area of the program underperforms and not a single stone gets left unturned.

In the house of Ohio State football, there are no cobwebs in the far corners of the guest bedroom, no dust accumulates on the blinds, and no throw pillows are left out of place.

All that work is evident in how quickly young players play like veterans and how the Buckeyes perform on the road.

But it all starts with little things like this, when Ohio State strength coach Mickey Marotti takes time to capture each player's foot with a 3D image to ensure he's in the perfect shoe for him.

Check it out.

"Footwear is extremely important & overlooked."@MickeyMarotti & staff are changing the game for #Buckeye athletes from the ground up.

— Ohio State Football (@OhioStateFB) September 21, 2016