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A chart floating around social media makes an interesting point to show your players

If you have a Twitter account, a Facebook account or eyeballs, there's a good chance you've already seen the chart pictured below here. If not, you have now.

What's pictured below is self-explanatory, the percentages of schools permitted to recruit athletes with a corresponding GPA.

Making the Grade

As with most viral sensations on social media, the chart leaves us with more questions than answers. Where's the source for this material? What six percent of schools can't recruit players with perfect GPAs? And most importantly, where did this come from?

The furthest back we could trace it is a Twitter post by an account dedicated to Washington state high school sports, dated late Friday night, but it's surely older than that. If anyone knows the whereabouts of where the photo originated from, we'd love to know. Or perhaps no one knows and this is the coaching community's Motivational Bigfoot.

Either way, the idea behind the chart is a nice reminder to high school athletes that, yes, their GPA matters as much or more to college recruiters than their 40 time, their bench max or their scoring average.