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A coalition fighting for higher coaching pay has popped up for Florida coaches

A grassroots social media movement to address the pay for Florida high school coaches has begun to combat losing top coaching talent to neighboring states.

Growing up in the midwest around coaches, I heard at least a handful of times every fall how no coach pursues high school coaching because of the pay that comes with it. 

With some of the top high school jobs in Georgia and Texas known to pay six figures now, perhaps saying "few" coaches pursue the coaching profession at the high school level is a more accurate statement nowadays. 

Now, granted, those types of jobs come with a different level of pressure and expectations, but the fact remains that coaching high school ball can provide a comfortable living for a select few. 

One of the states that annually churns out some of the football talent for college and the NFL is Florida, and coaches there have been vocal about wanting more for their coaching stipends for a while now.

The stipend for Florida coaches is likely pretty comparable to what coaches in Michigan, or Ohio, or California get.

However, the main difference is those states aren't losing their top coaching talent to those nearby states like Georgia and Texas. In those states, administrations are more than willing to pay six figure salaries to coaches and are also willing to get rather creative with their coaching stipends.

A grassroots movement to address the issue has popped up with a new Twitter account and hashtag promoting calling themselves the Florida Coalition For Higher Coaching Salaries.

The account tweeted out a letter (see below) sharing their objectives and why they're passionate about their mission to get higher coaching salaries to high school coaches in The Sunshine State.

Time will tell whether the group is able to get some traction and make the waves required to enact change.