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A college assistant shares his key to recruiting visits: Dial up your personal walk-up music and get your mind right


When it comes to hitting the road for recruiting, coaches are known to have their fair share of quirks and superstitions and that can be anything from their brand of coffee, to the things they snack on.

SMU wide receivers coach Justin Stepp was accompanied by some cameras on one of his recent recruiting road trips to the Dallas-Forth Worth area for their "Mustangs on the Road" feature, and Stepp shared his habit of grabbing coffee and protein bar to start with (and later picking up some Red Bull and gummy bears) before dishing some advice that has helped him in recruiting. It's something he picked up as a young assistant coach that many guys will be sure to adopt.

"So I got this deal that I do before any in-home visit, or before I go into a big time school when I know I'm going to see some players. Everybody in baseball has a walk-up song, so I got this from Chris Foster, who I worked with at Appalachian State, he taught me this a long time ago."

"I've got kind of a hype song, or walk-up song for recruiting." Stepp then dials up Tupac's Hail Mary to get his mind right.

We use music to get in the right frame of mind for plenty of other stuff, so why not use it to your advantage psychologically in recruiting too? That's a solid tip.

If you feel like you've A) got the perfect walk-up music to use before a recruiting visit, or B) do something else creative to get yourself in the right frame of mind before a visit, let me know @CoachSamz or via email at

See more from Stepp on the road below, including one maneuver he learned will get you pulled over in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.