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A former NFL player shared the most ridiculous questions he was asked at the NFL Combine


Austen Lane is a former college standout defensive lineman at Murray State (FCS - KY) who went on to live out his NFL dream with the Jaguars (who drafted him in 2010), followed by stints with the Chiefs, Lions, and Bears before announcing his retirement on August 3rd of 2015. After retiring, Lane went on to write a few columns for Peter King and his MMQB column.

Yesterday, we touched on how some of the long-tenured staples like the 40-yard dash and vertical jump of the NFL Combine may be coming to an end. Well today, Lane blessed Twitter with some of the questions that he was asked during the interview portion of the combine and these will boggle your mind. Each one of them is accompanied perfectly by a GIF.

After reading these, even those staunchly opposed to getting rid of the 40 may be convinced to keep them and have teams turn their attention to re-working some of their interview questions, because if there is truth to these, there is simply no logical explanation for how some of these help evaluators.

(It should be noted that Lane gained notoriety back in June of 2012 after posting a fake workout to Twitter while with the Jaguars, so whether he was actually asked the questions above during the combine is anyone's guess)