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A helmet maker has introduced a Splash Shield for facemasks

Schutt, one of the industry's largest helmet makers, has introduced a Spash Shield face guard for the inside of football facemasks in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Back in May, the NFL shared that they were working on a helmet face guard that may provide the same sort of protection as a surgical mask and that Oakley (the league's official visor provider) was said to be testing some prototypes.

Now, Schutt has theirs officially on the market.

The product, which is listed at $14.99 on their website, was developed to attach directly to the face mask much in the same way that a visor does. It comes in two pieces - the upper part (visor) and a lower section as well. Made from an "optical clear flexible material" it is advertised to universally fit all traditional football faceguards, and includes reusable attachment strips.

The thought behind the product is to obviously limit exposure to droplets of sweat, coughs, sneezes and offer some limited protection to players who opt to use it.

Below is a video of the product, and a few pictures as well, courtesy of Schutt Sports.

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 11.45.44 AM
Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 11.46.12 AM