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A Kentucky high school added the perfect stadium space for kids in their community

If you've got fond memories of trying to fit in pickup football games with your friends while at your high school game on Friday nights, you're going to love this idea from a Kentucky high school.

As a kid, I remember going to my local high school football games and catching those little plastic promo footballs from cheerleaders at the game and then going out back behind the bleachers to play some football with my friends.

At one point our school board decided to ban fans from bringing footballs inside the stadium, so we got creative to get our fun in by turning to crumpled up popcorn bags and empty pop bottles.

The point of sharing that is there is no stopping kids from being kids. They're going to find a way.

Well, from the looks of it, Somerset HS (KY) decided to fully embrace kids being kids when they were putting their new turf down, and decided to give the kids their own space.

Just beyond one of the end zones at Somerset (a highly successful Kentucky HS program) is a small 30-yard field specifically put there for kids to play on.

It's out of the way where they won't be running into the back of the legs of adults trying to watch the game, and far enough away from the field that they're safe from the action on Friday nights. It's the perfect solution.

They could have taken the easy way out and just thrown some green turf down and out of the way too, but they didn't. The field blends in with its surroundings outside of the official playing surface and is complete with numbers and yard lines to make it seem as much like the actual playing surface as possible.

As someone who may still be a bit bitter about having to use leftover popcorn bags and empty 20oz bottles for footballs at games during my childhood, this might be the best stadium idea I've ever seen. I love it.

I would bet that small investment in that field has created some unique excitement among the youth in that community with a whole lot of them going to bed dreaming of playing high school football when they grow up.

The tweets below are both from at least a year ago, with the second one  taking place as the good folks at AstroTurf were putting that small secondary field together, but over the weekend pictures of the idea were circulating again and caught our attention.

Also worth noting - Somerset's mascot is the Briar Jumpers...which is certainly one of the most unique mascots in high school football.