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"A lot of people think we look for talent first. They're wrong, it's dependability"


New Kansas offensive coordinator Rob Likens, who coached the outside receivers at Cal last season and was the assistant head coach under Sonny Dykes, is bringing the Air Raid to Lawrence, and that means a real need for receiver depth.

While the most talented guys may be chosen as the starters, Likens pointed at another attribute more important than talent for guys adding depth to the receiver position.

"A lot of people think we look for talent first, but it's not talent. It's guys that are going to be at the right spot, at the right time, and you know exactly when they're going to be there."

"The system is going to get guys open, now they may not be open for an extended period of time, but they're going to get open at one point in time. So if they're not dependable, and not doing what they're supposed to do they aren't going to be there at the right time." he explained.

"We're looking for guys out there who, if they're not going to be the starters, then they must be dependable guys. You don't have to have a tremendous talent level to be dependable. Just be dependable and you've got a shot."