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A Mississippi community college assistant has earned the 'strongest man in the world' title

On paper, Ray Williams is the defensive line coach and strength and conditioning coordinator at Itawamba Community College, but what he was able to accomplish over the weekend has put him in a league that no coaching title can ever touch.

You see, according to his bio, last year coach Williams set an American record by squatting 903 pounds at the USAPL Southern Raw Championships in Hattiesburg, MS. That weight was enough to be an unoffical world record, and come to find out, Williams was just getting warmed up compared to what he did in Johannesburg, South Africa at the Master's Raw International Powerlifting Federation's Classic World Powerlifting Championships.

Down in South Africa, coach Williams broke his own world record with a squat of 909 pounds and followed that up with a deadlift of 661 pounds. According to WTVA, his first attempt at deadlifting 661 pounds wasn't counted, but Williams' second attempt of the same weight was successful, and he followed that up with a successful 716.5 pound deadlift.

As he got under the bar for his last deadlift attempt, Williams told WTVA that the crowd, who had no idea who he was prior to the competition, all stood up for the world record attempt, and even chanted his name at one point.

Combining his deadlift (716.5 lbs), world record squat (909 lbs), and an impressive bench of 518.5 pounds Williams stood atop the podium at the end of the competition with the title of "strongest man in the world". 

We tip our cap to coach Williams for making everyone in the coaching profession (and beyond) proud to have him as a member of the coaching fraternity, and representing America with class while literally practicing what he preaches to his ICC players.

 Video of his world record squat can be seen below. Warning: Do not try this at home...he makes it look real EASY!