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New college coach cuts entire team

A newly hired college coach has decided to cut all the players on her roster and start from scratch.

Roster turnover is expected when a new coach takes over a program, but a Division I volleyball coach has recently taken that to the extreme.

Two months after being hired as the new women's volleyball coach at Grambling State, Chelsey Lucas has decided to cut all 18 players on the roster. She inherited a program that went 11-17 overall and .500 in conference play.

The decision came after three practices with the team.

Lucas is a former standout at Grambling who graduated in 2007, and told players that their scholarships were not being renewed during individual meetings with each and every one of them.

Grambling athletic director Trayvean Scott stood by his new hire's controversial move, and shared in a statement that “just as the transfer portal empowers student-athletes, our coaches are also empowered to make the decisions they deem necessary to advance their programs.”

Reports add that coach Lucas has 14 or 15 new players coming on board. NCAA regulations allow for up to 12 scholarships in women's volleyball.

Chances are pretty good that we aren't going to see something like this duplicated in the college football world anytime soon, but nonetheless, this is a coaching decision that has created a lot of divisiveness and has been a topic of conversation around the country all weekend.