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A PA high school team is creating hilarious parody videos to promote their program


Remember that brilliantly edited Speed video from Arizona back in March of last year when a handful of college coaches wanted to slow the game down?

Just in case you need a refresher, I've included it below.

Well after a record setting season in the Pennsylvania high school ranks, Spring-Ford high school decided to put their own spin on the video. The Rams averaged 60 offensive snaps per game and over 42 points per game - and they're just scratching the surface of what they what to accomplish according to this video.

Just as Arizona's version starred head coach Rich Rodriguez making the case for going faster, Spring-Ford head coach Chad Brubaker does the same in their parody version.

What better way to have some light-hearted fun and promote your program than a video like that?

After doing a little bit of digging, I was able to find that parody videos are somewhat of a speciality for the Spring-Ford HS football staff. Some of them are to reveal the team slogan for the year (like the Speed clip)while others clearly seem to be for fun.

The football website describes the parody clips as commercials - and how fitting because they are, after all, advertising the football program - and you can find a full list of them here, but here's a handful that I thought everyone could enjoy and appreciate.

Remember that classic Mean Joe Green Coke commercial?

This one is scary good.

If you've got a staff full of a bunch of fun characters, this is a pretty creative idea that the whole community can have some fun with.