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A personal account of losing it all...and then earning it back with James Clemens HS (AL) assistant Nick Flanagan

The movement to change the narrative surrounding the conversations on mental health has been an continuing battle for years now, both nationally and within the coaching community.

Today, James Clemens HS (AL) assistant Nick Flanagan joined us to share his personal testimony on losing it all, and then earning it back. It's a story of trials, tribulations, and ultimately redemption after some serious personal struggles brought him into a dark place in his life when the perspective of those on the outside was that he was living a near-perfect life as a young head coach.

The story that coach Flanagan shares, complete with some fascinating statistics and other information on the stigma that mental illness and mental health tends to carry due largely to false pretenses, is an important one to hear and take in. He also shares warning signs to be on the look out for, and what ultimately led to him turning things around in his life.

At the end of his talk, Flanagan shares some great advice on what you can do when a player, or fellow coach comes to you looking for some help when they're going through something heavy in their life.

See coach Flanagan's talk below.

[Note: Coach Flanagan's email - incorrect in the initial slide - is for those that want to reach out]