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A quarantined high school coach found a creative solution to be in person at their game last night

For the past several months leading up to the season, head coaches have had to face the harsh possibility of their staff, team, and themselves being impacted by COVID and how that will impact coaching responsibilities and game plans.

Down at Vardaman HS (MS) last night, head coach Brennan Pugh is a second year head coach who took over a program who hasn't won a game since 2018. Making things even more difficult, Pugh was recently forced to quarantine, but he really didn't want to miss their game. However, he also didn't want to put his players and coaches at risk of getting the virus. So what could he possibly do?

Well, Pugh coincidentally lives literally right next to the stadium. So he got creative...and decided to quarantine 20+ feet in the air by himself.

Coach Pugh got hooked up with a headset and rented a lift, parked it in his yard and then got in the basket, providing him the perfect vantage point. The creative solution allowed him to watch his guys, contribute from the lift and support his team, while still technically being quarantined.

Pugh and his Vardman team went on to lose a close 14-20 decision last night.