A decision made by David Bailiff four years ago provided the press conference moment of the year

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During his senior year, Luke Turner broke his leg and as a result, only received one Division I offer. That offer came from Rice and head coach David Bailiff.

Following Rice's season ending win over Charlotts, an emotional Turner took the podium and thanked Bailiff as he fought back tears.

"I just want to say thanks to Coach Bailiff because that man right there gave me a chance, when nobody else wanted to give me a chance.

"This was my only Division I offer. I broke my leg my senior year of high school and everyone sold me off. That man right there stuck with me. I'll love him forever for it."

Afterwards, Turner went to the back of the room to show his appreciation to coach Bailiff.

Turner never put up monster numbers for the Owls (and that really doesn't matter here), but the opportunity that Bailiff gave him by extending that scholarship changed his life, without a doubt.

As coaching changes continue to happen, you'll undoubtedly hear about a new staff taking back a scholarship offer that was extended to a kid by the previous staff. As you read about those moments, think of this press conference.

My hat goes off to you coach Bailiff.