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A year away from launching football, Kennesaw State unveils its uniforms


A list of things a brand new football program absolutely needs to function would read something like this - a coaching staff, practice space, footballs, a weight room, practice equipment, and training materials. It probably would not include new game uniforms 12 months ahead of the program's official launch date, but here's one thing every new program definitely requires: money. Lots and lots of money.

That's where the uniforms come in.

In case you don't know by now, nothing jumpstarts excitement like new uniforms. In fact, scientists tell me a new uniform unveiling equates to 18 percent of one on field win. For a new program, a uniform is a tangible sign of progress, a signal that their money and support is creating something that is actually real. With opportunities for on-field victories still a full year away, a uniform is something fans can grab on to in a way that a new blocking sled doesn't provide.

With game one versus East Tennessee State still 371 days away, Kennesaw State unveiled three new uniform options on Thursday: