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An ACC assistant almost turned down an on-the-field job, but Willie Taggart convinced him to take it in 30-seconds

When David Kelly first agreed to join Willie Taggart's staff at Florida State, it was originally as his right hand man of sorts, so while Taggart was running the football program in the big picture, Kelly was tasked with covering all of the other stuff a general manager of sorts.

It's a partnership that the two had grown comfortable with, as Kelly had been with Taggart from their days at USF, to Oregon, and now in Tallahassee.

However, as coach Kelly explained after practice recently, that all changed during a flight out to recruit a young man. Kelly is not shy in sharing that he wasn't all that excited about a move to the on-field staff right away.

For Kelly, it all came down to believing in Taggart, his vision for the Seminole program, and his faith that they can hit those lofty goals. As his right hand man for years, no one understands those things better.

The story he shares with reporters is good for perspective on the kind of serendipity that sometimes takes place as a coach puts together his staff.