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An ACC program has decided to take an interesting approach to "train selfishly" this off season. Here's why

Looking around the country at the major college football programs that underwent a head coaching change this off season, you'd be hard pressed to find one that has seemingly transformed as much as Georgia Tech.

But this isn't about their football program, instead it's about an interesting approach their men's basketball program is taking this off season under head coach Josh Pastner.

Pastner explained in a video on Twitter why they have recently decided to take a selfish individual approach to training.

"Our whole philosophy, and we've talked about it as a staff, is we want to be selfish. Now, you might say 'selfish?' We want to be selfish with individual, offensive skill development."

"We have spent this entire planning in the spring and getting ready for the summer, that we were going to focus just solely on our assistant coaches, and myself, on individual offensive skill development. Which will then make us better because individually we will be better collectively."

It's an interesting approach Pastner is taking into his fourth season with the Yellow Jackets, and looking for his first NCAA tournament appearance. Will this outside-the-box approach be just what his team needs to reach that goal?

If it does end up producing results on the court, is it something that can catch on in football and beyond?