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ACC to propose August 1 early signing date. Inconvenient for coaches?

ACC commissioner John Swofford is speaking to the media Thursday morning at his league's annual spring meetings, outlining a number of initiatives the league will pursue in the near future.

One of those initiatives, Swofford said, is an early signing period of August 1. 

An early signing date has long been discussed and has many positives. The date in question, though, is highly inconvenient for college and high school coaches alike. 

Again, an early signing date? Sure, that's an idea that has plenty of merit. An early signing date on August 1? That's turning one of the few slow times in the college and high school football schedule and turning it into crunch time. 

To be clear, this is just a suggestion and it's far from official. The ACC must present the idea to the Collegiate Commissioners Association, and in between now and then coaches from other leagues will presumably have ample time to run their objections up the flagpole.