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Add Cowboys to the list of mascots some folks find offensive

Redskins. Indians. The list of offensive mascots could go on for a while longer, but that list of names is adding a rather interesting new member.

The University of Wyoming voted unanimously last week to adopt a new slogan for the school: "The world needs more cowboys." With the Cowboys as their unique mascot, it's an interesting slogan to both get their message across and embrace the mascot wholeheartedly. The message is cleverly multi-layered, meaning that the world needs more people who think like cowboys once did, and that the world needs more Wyoming graduates. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Below is the video the school used to promote the new slogan.

However, the school is facing some backlash because some people find the term cowboy offensive. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, on one side of the argument sit faculty members who say it "excludes women, people of color and Native Americans," and on the other side sits administration who say that they put together an inclusive campaign that "seeks to dismantle the traditional image of a cowboy."

“Drawing upon Wyoming’s proud heritage, this campaign redefines what it means to be a Cowboy in this day and age, distilling it down to the inner spirit of curiosity and boldness that all who call themselves Cowboys and Cowgirls can identify with,” university president Laurie Nichols shared in a written statement on the slogan.

Faculty members voiced concern that some people may not identify with the typical images that come to mind when we all think of macho, rough and tough cowboys. But in their press release, Wyoming shares images of cowgirls among other examples and notes: “The campaign builds upon that heritage and shows that a modern Cowboy can be anyone. A Cowboy isn’t what you are, but who you are.”

The full release from the school shows some really cool insight into how they came up with the logo and how the video helped to change the perspective of viewers on what a cowboy is. Head here to read the full statement.