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Add Crocodile Dundee to your players' Summer Movie list

Back in May Coach Dub Maddox fired off his required Summer movie list for his players to watch.

Fine list indeed; but based off of recent events...we're going to go ahead and suggest the addition of the 1986 smash hit: Crocodile Dundee to the list.

You see, when your players see the scene of ol' Mick Dundee being approached by three unscrupulous thugs they might just learn something....that you don't bring a toy to a real fight.

Had Vanderbilt's players seen the way Mick was prepared...well, they would have known better than to bring a pellet gun to a real gun fight. Wait, what???

Yeah, three Vanderbilt football players were involved in a true, if one-sided, gun fight last night over a stolen phone. Seriously.

Quick run down:

  • Vandy player trying to sell his phone gets it stolen from him in the transaction
  • He then sees it posted online a few days later
  • He creates a fake profile to arrange a meeting
  • Three Vandy players hop in the car to go the brings along a pellet gun. Seriously.
  • When they arrive, the player exits the car with the pellet gun visible.....
  • The assailants open fire with real weapons, shooting one Vanderbilt player in the leg with a pistol and shooting another in the arm with a shotgun.
  • The assailants flee the the car the Vandy players showed up in

Let's recap. Rather than calling the police, three Vandy players brought a pellet gun to a meeting with who they assumed were criminals. Two of the players got shot...and the criminals stole the players' vehicle.

Yeah, we're joking about not bringing a toy guy to a real gun fight; but guys, don't go to a real gun fight. Call the police. Don't jeopardize your careers and your lives over a stolen phone. C'mon man.