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What's more important to you, mental or physical toughness?

What's more important to you and your program. mental or physical toughness?

For Steve Addazio, not only are they both are on a level playing field, but he wants him and his staff to develop both of them in every facet of the student athletes', life including in the classroom. That's how he helped put his stamp on the Temple program, and as a longtime offensive line coach, would you expect anything different?

"We're really pursuing being as tough as we can, mentally and physically. The two of them really go hand in hand together." Addazio explained. "A lot of people associate that comment and say it's about being 'physically tough', but really it's about being mentally tough."

"Whether you're in the middle of play recognition, knowing your assignment, the ability to refrain yourself in the heat of battle that could cause a penalty. It's all the little things. How you carry yourself as a man, you get in the fourth quarter, the game is tied, the stadium is going crazy and we have to go down and score and win."

"Toughness is the starting point of our program."