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Advice on getting started with analytics with Virginia director of football analytics Matt Edwards

Virginia director of football analytics Matt Edwards joined us today to kick off Thursday's FootballScoop Online Clinic.

Edwards takes us through his role at Virginia, how his coaching background has been critical to providing Bronco Mendenhall and the staff with the right data and analytics, and how programs can get started with an analytics department of their own.

Here are a few takeaways I had:

  • The 5 most important things that go into winning a college football game he picked up from Bill Connelly
  • The most interesting thing Edwards has learned since getting into analytics
  • Popular coaching myths that can be disproven by analytics
  • Why data is subjective in football
  • A few book suggestions to help you dig into analytics on your own
  • How data points from a coaching veteran like Bronco Mendenhall can help them determine the right things to look at that lead to wins

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Catch the full talk from coach Edwards below.