In mid-June, a pair of tornadoes ripped through Platteville, Wisc., centering its damage on the UW-Platteville football stadium. Light standards were ripped down, the grandstands were fractured, and the field was torn apart. At the time, the prospect of Ralph E. Davis Pioneer Stadium being ready for the Sept. 13 home opener seemed in doubt.

“For me, it was kind of heartbreaking,” UW-Platteville athletic director Mark Molesworth said at the time. “For many of us, it’s kind of time to reload and figure out how we’re going to move on from it.”

Three months later and – most importantly – the town has been put back together. One day shy of that Sept. 13 opener, and Ralph E. Davis Pioneer Stadium will be open for business for tomorrow’s opener. Here’s a nice time lapse video the school put together of the installation process done by our friends at ProGrass.

Nice work by the ProGrass staff responding with a tight turnaround for the season and doing a great job. 

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