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After Lane Kiffin said Nick Saban couldn't cover him, Saban responds

In an interview with Dan Patrick earlier today, Lane Kiffin tried to remind his host that Saturday's game in Oxford isn't Nick Saban vs. Lane Kiffin, it's Alabama vs. Ole Miss... which is a shame for the Rebels, because they'd have a better chance mano-a-mano.

"I don't think he can cover me," Kiffin said. "He's in his, like, 60s. I'm really worried about Coach. He's elderly."

Asked about the comments Wednesday night, Saban dryly responded that, yeah, he probably couldn't cover Lane Kiffin today, at 68 years old with a false hip.

Remove the 23-year age gap, though? Then it might be a different story, the Crimson Tide coach said.

"I think he's probably right. I wouldn't disagree with him. What I would ask is, when he's my age, what's he going to be like?" Saban said, laughing.

"I still pride myself in my ability to cover. I just don't think I could cover him."

This entire episode points to one conclusion: We need to find someone that Saban thinks he can cover, we need Saban to try to cover that person, and we need it on SEC Network, pronto.