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After scary injury Saturday, Mark Richt and UGA go above and beyond for hospitalized Southern player


During a scary moment on Saturday in Athens, GA a Southern University player went down after a special teams play and was unable to get up on his own accord. Trainers and doctors from both staffs attended to him on the field.

The player, Devon Gales, suffered a serious neck and spinal injury and was immediately transported to Athens Regional Hospital, where he will remain for the time being, according to a statement from Southern released yesterday.

"Gales suffered several fractures in his neck that were stabilized, he continues to have movement in his upper body and remains in good spirits and will remain at Athens Regional until he is released to return to Baton Rouge for further treatment."

Even with a big game against Alabama on the horizon, the somber event was not lost on Mark Richt and his staff. Richt, offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, and the team chaplain all paid visits to Gales on Sunday, and the Georgia athletic department paid to fly Gales' family to Athens immediately following the game Saturday night and assisted with transportation to the hospital, according to DawgNation.

“We’re trying to cover him up with as much love as we can, and let him know that we care, let him know that we’re here to help. We’re just gonna continue to pray, and I know the Bulldog nation is behind him as well," Richt explained. "There may come a time where there may be some needs. Not exactly sure yet. But if it does come to that I’m going to be calling all Dawgs to get involved and to help out.”

Props to the Georgia staff, and athletic department for doing the right thing here and by keeping everything in perspective and reminding us all that football is simply a game in the big picture of things. Not every athletic program would do something so thoughtful.

Please join us in keeping Gales and his family in your prayers as he continues to recover.