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After winning the coin toss, Larry Fedora considers only one factor


We all send our captains out for the coin toss with a plan on whether you plan to kick, receive, defer, or defend. The options may be limited, but the reasoning that coaches have behind those choices are practically endless.

In the past ten games at North Carolina, Larry Fedora's squad has won eight of the pre game coin tosses, and yesterday at his presser, Fedora explained the psychology behind why he has chosen to defer each of those eight times.

The way Fedora sees it, there's only one factor to consider after winning the toss.

“The only thing I’m really checking is wind,” Fedora explained to Insider Carolina. “I’m always checking wind. I want to know what the wind is doing. How many miles per hour? How much is it going to be blowing in the first quarter? What’s it going to be blowing in the second quarter? What’s it going to be doing in the third quarter? What’s it going to be in the fourth quarter? I want to know all of that."

“I don’t like surprises. So then, if the wind’s going to be heavy in the second half of the game, is there a storm coming in? And what do I want? Do I want more possessions in the first half, or do I want more possessions in the second half? There are just so many different factors that go into it.”

“I’m pretty consistent in the way I do things," Fedora added. "I know it’s boring, but it’s just the way I am.”

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