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Agents, graduate transfers and everything else up for vote at the NCAA Convention

I'll go ahead and admit that I have no idea when these proposals were written or released, because NCAA bylaw talk to me is Charlie Brown's teacher screaming into a megaphone that echoes through the Grand Canyon -- and I suspect I'm not alone there.

But one person who can sort through the NCAA legalese is John Infante, and on Thursday he tweeted out each item up for vote. As is my duty to inform you, I've sifted through those to find the ones that matter for football.

Proposal 2018-32: Allowing FCS teams to employ two graduate assistants.

Proposal 2018-41: Loosening the rules of which athletes can apply for medical redshirts.

Proposal 2018-46: Changing the spring recruiting calendar.

Proposal 2018-55: Prohibiting football coaches and staff members from coaching 7-on-7 teams (which is apparently still allowed?).

Proposal 2018-59: A small change to camp season.

Proposal 2018-61: Increasing the dead period(s) in recruiting.

Proposal 2018-97: Making FCS recruiting more like FBS recruiting.

Proposal 2018-106: A rule that would seem to discourage schools from taking graduate transfers. However, there is another proposal that would allow graduate transfers to take undergraduate courses at their new schools, so it's not clear how the rules would interact with each other.

Proposal 2018-118: Requiring Power 5 schools to make mental health services available for players.

Finally, a resolution that would allow players to contract the services of an agent and retain their college eligibility. In short, colleges want to allow players to test the waters of their respective professional drafts and come back to school.

Each of these proposals will be voted on at the 2019 NCAA Convention in Orlando late next month.