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Air Force reveals new Falcon logo

Air Force is brining the Falcon back to their logo for the first time since 2003.

From 1953 through 2003, the Air Force athletics logo had featured a Falcon of some kind on it.

But, heading into 2004, Air Force made a branding decision to go with the basic "AF" logo and the Falcon has been missing for nearly two decades.

That changed today.

The school revealed earlier today that the Falcon was making a comeback on the logo, and it also got a modern makeover with some interesting design elements.

The new logo features elements of the Air Force Cadel Chapel, the most recognizable building at the Academy and the most visited man-made tourist attraction in the state, and the AF Wings logo, for starters.

You're seeing a lot of school start to transition to one or two color logos and this one certainly follows that trend.

Take a look.

AF Falcon logo