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Alabama high school coach remains hospitalized; but out of ICU

McAdory High School (AL) head coach and athletic director Bart Sessions was unexpectedly taken to the hospital via ambulance Saturday.

Today, he has moved out of the Intensive Care Unit.

His wife Simone told this morning that her husband has improved over the last few days and she believes that he will continue to show steps towards recovery in the coming of days. The reason for his hospital stay has not been made public.

Hospitalized on Saturday, Sessions had been on the sidelines coaching during his team's game last Thursday. This week the McAdory yellow jackets will take on Hueytown without their head coach at the helm. In a tweet from the team's account, Sessions gave his team peace of mind that he is being well taken care of and encouraged them to get ready for their game.

Simone also expressed gratitude to the McAdory community and school saying, “Bart has a great staff at McAdory and has full confidence in them to handle the team while he is away. He is appreciative of Mr. Bowen and the administration for all their support and, obviously, to the McAdory student-athletes for all their work and support.”

In a heartwarming reminder that football is family, his wife said that he has received so many texts and phone calls that he has not been able to respond to all of them. The coach, whose career has taken him all over the state, has even received calls and texts from Gus Malzahn, Willie Fritz, Bill Clark and AHSSA Executive Director Steve Savarese.

Please join us in continuing to pray for coach Sessions. We're praying for a speedy recovery for you and look forward to hearing you're back on the field soon.