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Alabama player shares the traits that set Nick Saban apart as an elite coach

For decades, people will look back at Nick Saban's tenure at Alabama in admiration as one of the greatest coaches and dynasties ever.

There always seems to be a lot of discussion about what it is that makes Nick Saban an elite coach, and that conversation typically starts with a mention of "the process."

"Everybody hears about the process, and really simple terms, it's about the ability to be excellent in everything you do one day at a time," tight end Miller Forristall shared during their national title game presser today.

But there's obviously a lot more to the program's success than that approach, and Forristall provided a really interesting answer on exactly what it is that puts Saban at another level.

"He attacks all the little things with the same intensity and ferocity that he attacks the big things. He is better at the little things than anybody else...thus he's better at the big things."

"It's simple, but really hard to do," Forristall went on to share.

One other area that doesn't get enough attention is Saban's ability to hire and develop a staff that can coach players "from all walks of life."

While most fans see the version of a stone faced Saban at the podium or him upset on the sideline, Forristall shares that he's pretty funny at practice and around the facility on more of a day-to-day basis, although the Tide's go-to tight ends adds that he could use some new material and he thinks he's actually more funny that he really is.

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