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Alabama takes you inside their massive training room

The pandemic has put the entire college football recruiting landscape on a level playing field -- sort of.

With the ability to travel or host recruits, every coach from the Power 5 to Division III has no other option but to hop on as many Zoom calls as they can and lead as many virtual tours as possible.

This is where "sort of" part comes in. Not every virtual tour is created equal, and Alabama's are more equal than others.

After showing off their brand new locker room earlier this week, the Tide has now taken recruits inside their training room and rehab center as Part 1 in a deep dive into their revamped sport science operation.

While not nearly as sexy as a locker room tour, this trip through the training room is no less important. In it, Alabama shows off its 16 training tables to treat lower-body injuries, as well as its separate area for rehab.