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Alabama's highest paid HS coach makes more than 320 FBS assistants


A few moments ago, sent out this intriguing tweet highlighting the highest paid high school head coach in the state of Alabama.

Hoover is nationally known for their ability to churn out top notch college prospects, and as the setting for the MTV series Two-A-Days (2006-2007), and they also have a high school fan day experience unlike anything that anyone has ever seen.

With that said, there's no doubt that Niblett leads one of the premier high school programs in the country, so $125,000 isn't overly surprising to a lot of people because of the spotlight they're in. There are plenty other high school coaches in the six figure club hailing from Texas, Florida and Georgia as well.

To really help put Niblett's salary in perspective, we took a look at the latest numbers in the FBS assistant coaches salary database compiled by USA Today, and found that his annual salary is more than, or equal to 320 FBS assistant coaches. That number includes coaches from "Power Five" programs like Kansas, Washington State, California, and UCLA, as well as a good number of coaches from the American Athletic Conference, MAC, Sun Belt, Conference USA, and Mountain West.

But anyways, we found the tweet, and the conversations that followed interesting nonetheless and figured you would too. There are undoubtedly a good number of coaches who, rightfully, make as much or more. There are few more important people in young men's lives than their head football coach.