Photo credit: Alabama athletics

Alabama was unquestionably a top-5 program before Nick Saban’s 2007 arrival, but you could ignore everything that happened pre-Saban and make an argument the Nick Saban Crimson Football Machine is a bluechip program on its own.

We’re talking an .864 winning percentage, five national championships, 10 consecutive top-10 finishes, two Heisman Trophy winners, 24 total national award trophies, 26 first-round draft picks an untold scores of All-America, All-SEC and NFL roster spots garnered — all in the last 11 years. (And, really, you can discount the entire 2007 season and not lose anything.)

Since 2008, a solid decade, Alabama has finished worse than 7-1 in regular season SEC play once. Saban’s Tide is 54-6 against SEC opponents since 2011.

OK. You get the point. Alabama has been historically good in the Saban era, and Alabama recently revamped its Hall of Champions to turn all those stats into a living, breathing experience.

You won’t be shocked by this, but it looks spectacular.

As the only program to reach the College Football Playoff in all four years of its existence (and the only program to reach the title game three times, and the only program to win it twice), Alabama has smartly built its trophy room full of CFP branding.

(Photo credits: Alabama athletics)


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