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Allow me to introduce you to 'The Big Greek'


My D-II, D-III, NAIA and JC friends, it is my pleasure to introduce you to my friend Zach Maurides, or as he is affectionately known in the FBS & FCS circles as the "Big Greek". Zach, a former left guard at Duke, is the founder and managing director at Teamworks

As the president of FootballScoop I get around to a good number of programs each year, attend the AFCA and DFO meetings and various other conferences. Quite often I run into Zach (frequently dressed in a three piece suit) and I've always enjoyed listening to him speak with his customers. His passion to provide the best possible service is evident and invariably whomever he's speaking with turns to me and says something like, "Have you tried his app? We love it." Over the years, I have taken note of the fairly meteoric rise that Zach's company has seen (see here, here, here, etc...).

Over 75% of all FBS programs now use Teamworks and the number of FCS programs is growing daily. Anytime I mention Teamworks on twitter or in person, someone quickly responds to me about how much the product has improved their efficiency and the overall efficiency not just of their staff but of their team. 


Teamworks is a powerful platform to improve the operational efficiency of your team, this is not a recruiting software or database or a "video" system. Looking for a better way to do mass communication, calendars, increase accountability & eliminate excuses, file sharing, team travel, etc... Teamworks is not only your answer; but it is truly best of class. 

Well, the reason I'm writing today is to share good news that I heard from Zach himself yesterday. For D-II, D-III, NAIA and JC programs, Teamworks is now offering a somewhat scaled down version of the service called Teamworks Express designed to provide your programs with many of the features available in the full product offering with a pricing structure designed to fit smaller budgets (and if you contact them before the end of June they are offering you a free trial). 

Below is a small selection of programs that currently use Teamworks. At every program below I have personally spoken with either the DFO or a coach on the staff who has raved to me about how much Teamworks has improved how they operate. I'm certain Teamworks would be more than happy to provide any references you would like or feel free to call me and I'll put you in contact with any of these if you would like.

Find a few minutes today and give Teamworks a call and learn how they can help your staff and your team become more efficient. It's a game of inches... 


Disclosure: Teamworks became a sponsor of FootballScoop in June 2014. As the owner of FootballScoop I have personally used the Teamworks platform and spoken with over 100 users and have never heard or seen a negative comment about the platform.